Pudding Pond

Distance: Variable

Rock and Root Rating: 1

Hilliness: 1

Mud Rating: 1-2 (except in Spring where it’s a 4)

Pudding Pond is a great place to run if you’re ever in North Conway and short on travel time. The main trail is only about 2 miles long, but can be added to the nearby power lines and snowmobile trail if you’re looking t get in some more mileage. The nearbyGreen Hills Preserve has some great trails for those who like running up mountains. If do the loop around the pond in a counter clockwise motion, keep on the lookout for a piece of single track trail on your right just after you come out of the swampy/boggy section of the trail near the pond. It’s a great new trail that can take you all the way over to the “Pillar in the Woods”, an old granite pillar that was left by the side of the old railroad route from the Redstone Quarry. That trail adds another mile each way as an out and back and also you can make your way out to the power lines from there and hit the Corridor 19 snowmobile trail to Walmart or further in to the other Redstone Quarry ruins.

Directions: Take Artist Falls Rd. from Rt. 16 or the North-South Rd. to Thompson Rd. on your right. Follow Thompson rd. until you see the trailhead on the right before the power lines.

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