Trail and Mountain Runs

Mount Washington Road Race Description 3

CAUTION : OBJECTS IN PICTURES MAY BE STEEPER THAN THEY APPEAR. Here is my course description of the Mt. Washington Road Race. I live in North Conway, NH, about 30 minutes from the mountain. I get to train on the road quite often and thought it might be helpful to […]

Pudding Pond

. .Distance: Variable Rock and Root Rating: 1 Hilliness: 1 Mud Rating: 1-2 (except in Spring where it’s a 4) Pudding Pond is a great place to run if you’re ever in North Conway and short on travel time. The main trail is only about 2 miles long, but can […]

Nanamocomuck Trail

Distance: 7.5 Miles (it’s an out and back, pretty much same amount of time both ways) Rock and Root Rating: 2 Hilliness: 2 Mud Rating: 4 To do the whole trail, it’s 7.5 miles out, 7.5 miles back. It’s the best out and back I have ever run. Also one […]

Madison, NH Trails Info

A nice resource for a chunk of the trails in Madison. There’s lots more out there including the Trout Pond area and Shawtown Road and trails off of Lead Mine Road and lots of other Class VI roads in the town too. But this is a great start. Here’s the […]

Mount Carrigan / Signal Ridge 1

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Mount Kearsarge (North)

This would be the first new line of medications in the treatment of migraine for a number of years. About UsNeurology is a branch of medicine dealing with disorders of the nervous system.Distance: 6.2 Miles Rock & Root Rating: 5 Hilliness:4 Mud Rating: 3 Not to be confused with […]

Baldface Loop Trail

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Moat Mountain Trail 1

Distance: 10 miles Rock and Root Rating: 3 Hilliness: 4 Mud Rating: 1-2 The Moat Ridge is the Mt. Washington Valley’s version of the Franconia Ridge. The views from the ridge span in all directions. There are great views of the Presidentials from North Moat and great views of the […]

Mount Eisenhower

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